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My film work grew naturally from photography. Its a whole new way to tell a story. It can be a lot more literal than still photography but there is also scope to challenge a viewer with new angles and new ways to look at time and space. Technical skills like composition and exposure carry over to film but the motion brings many other challenges, stabilizing the camera in many different situations being the primary one. Beyond that I had to learn to tell stories in a new way, though already being able to do this with stills was a big help. My film work has grown over the years and now encompasses everything from mini documentaries to high end films for yachts and properties to daily videos from yacht regattas. It is very challenging but also fulfilling to keep improving at this discipline and I'm stoked to keep learning! Nowadays there is almost no limit to where you can put a camera so the possibilities just keep growing!



The 2012 - 13 Acquafilms Stinger reel ::



S/Y Tiara - Client : Tiara (edit by Iain McGlashan) ::



Island romance - Client : Panerai ::



Antigua Superyacht Challenge 2012 ::



Villa Kathleen ::